Quick Curve Ruler QAL – Block One

I’ve tried to sew curves, and never quite get them right. No matter how hard I try, there’s always a lump, a bump, a crease, or a crinkle! Still, it’s something I’ve wanted to master, and along came the opportunity.

The thing that drew me to Jenny Pedigo’s blog, Sew Kind of Wonderful, was her longarm machine quilting. She does fantastic work, and I’ve been looking for new filler ideas. Those curved block quilts were appealing to me, and I’d looked at her Quick Curve Ruler more than a few times. However, I’d tried curved piecing, and it didn’t turn out so well. My friends, Nicci and Pam, were both joining Jenny’s “Curve it Up” with the QCR, QAL, (Quick Curve Ruler Quilt Along). I caved and ordered the ruler. Just so that I’d have reinforcements to keep me motivated in my frustration, I shared Jenny’s blog with my friend, Carie. As we both explored Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Flickr group, we got more and more excited about learning how to use the Quick Curve Ruler! More excited than either of us has been about anything in a long time! So, I pulled my fabrics and made my first block last night. I did mis-cut, twice, which is very normal for me. After I got the cutting right, the rest of it was a piece of cake! I watched Jenny’s YouTube videos on using her ruler and on curved piecing, and it helped me immensely! I’m tickled to pieces with my finished block, and I can’t wait to see the next block we’re going to do! I’m using Kona Charcoal for my background, and prints from the VeloCity line by Jessica Hogarth for P&B Textiles. 

If you want to jump in on the fun, it’s not too late! It’s easy to catch up, and Jenny is super quick on getting the ruler to you! 


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    • I think I have plenty of background, but I’d like to get more of the VeloCity line for the borders an backing. I have a Beverly’s coupon that would be very helpful if I knew how much I needed.

  1. Love the block! Nicci shared hers on Saturday – I love both her color choices and yours. I hadn’t heard of the ruler before that. We missed you, BTW! I hand-stitched lots of hexies because I’m making a pillow to go with the wall hanging for my mom and because I’m crazy. 🙂

    • I missed you guys, too! I’d have rather been stitching than suffering with the flu! I hope you’ll post pictures of the pillow. Crazy? Absolutely! At least you are in good company! 😉

      Are you gonna join us on this QCR QAL?

      • Not sure … I’ve checked out her site, and she makes some awesome quilts! The ruler is a little pricey, but most rulers are. I have so many projects waiting in the wings … but, heck, what’s one more?

      • She’s doing more tutorials and there are a few patterns available, with more being developed. I know I’ll use this ruler more than on just this project. Jump on in, Laura, the water’s fine!

  2. Thanks for leading me to the ruler and her blog. I haven’t felt inspired by anything all year, so this was exactly what I needed. I had fun making this block too, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next one. So if this becomes an obsession, can I blame it on you?

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