It’s Never Too Late to Dream

I’m so excited! Modern Quilts Unlimited is a new magazine that is due to be in my mailbox any day. It is the premier issue, and I had the pleasure of writing an article about our Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild. I have dreamed of having an article or story published, since I was a little girl. I used to write a lot of short stories, and I’d fantasize about seeing them in a magazine. As I grew older, got busy, married, raised my boys, established a business or two, those childhood dreams disappeared into the past. From time to time I’d think about submitting something to a magazine, but the traffic jam in my brain always kept me from giving it a try. Then one day I got a call from Vicki Anderson, telling me that she wanted to feature our modern quilt guild in the premier issue of her new magazine. She told me a bit about what she wanted to know, and I told her I’d call her the next day with some details. You know, answer a few questions, and that would be it. I sat down and started to jot down a few notes, then kept writing. By the time I phoned her, I asked if she just wanted me to type up what I’d written and e-mail it to her, thinking she’d edit it as needed. She thought that was a good idea, and we began to chat about other things she was putting in the magazine and her vision for it. I got terribly excited about the whole thing! By the end of the conversation, she asked if I could write enough to fill an entire page. I said, “Sure!”, but my mind was thinking, “Oh crap!” You see, I can get terribly OCD about things, added to my artist ADHD, and it usually all ends up a train wreck in my brain. That’s where I get frozen, then just proceed to do something that I’m comfortable with instead of moving into unknown territory. Since I’d committed, and I really enjoy the subject matter, I spent most of the next day writing the article. I sent it to her, thinking it was a good article, but assuming that it would be edited, chopped up, whatever. I have no idea how magazines do these things, and I know it depends on space.

The digital issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited hit the online community yesterday. I got to see the article, and I was totally gobsmacked! It was kept as I’d written it, and my name is at the top of the page as the writer! Those of you who’ve experienced this probably think I’m an idiot, but it’s a big danged deal to me! It occurred to me that I’d just realized one of my long-put-away childhood dreams! Β I’d kind of decided, after being kicked around by life a lot in the last few years, that it was a bit late to be dreaming. As Oprah would say, this is an “aha” moment for me. It’s a bit overwhelming, but in such an awesome way! Thank you, Vicki, for giving me the opportunity to push myself and remember that it’s never too late to dream!

I got to poke around at the rest of the magazine a bit, and I’m so impressed with the quality and content! I can’t wait to get my hard copy! Vicki Anderson and crew have done an outstanding job! If you don’t already have a subscription, you can subscribe atΒΒ  You can’t get the premier issue by subscribing now, but it will be available at Barnes and Noble and some quilt shops on November 1st.


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  1. I’m not surprised Lynn, …you are so talented, sweet and wonderful… Can’t wait to see it!
    Congratulations my friend, you so deserve it!

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