Re-Grouping for 2013 Quilt Finishes

This year has been pretty chaotic. When it started in January, I had no idea that by February, my life would be taking a huge turn! February was all about going to Quiltcon for the first time, then March to May was all about packing and moving to the central California coast. Unpacking has taken up a lot of my time since then, along with entertaining a lot of friends on the weekends and getting involved in our new community. It sure seems like October got here awfully fast, and the end of the year is right around the corner! EEEEE GADS!

In order to attempt to fire up my quilting mojo, I decided to post few unfinished projects and list what needs to be done on them. Nothing like putting it out there to be held accountable, eh? That’s what I’m talkin’ about! 


This zig zag quilt has been in the works for a year. I need to add two more orange rows to it, then I can get on with quilting it! I can’t remember what the fabric line was for the black and white print, but the solids are Kona cotton. I’d like to have it to the point of hand stitching the binding by the time our modern quilting friendship group meets for our first sew-in at Picking Daisies next Monday. 


This is a wallhanging that’s been waiting to be quilted for at least 2.5 years! I have a hard time thinking of ways to quilt my own stuff. I think I way over think these things! Time to quit thinking and just do! 


Another piece that has been waiting to be finished for about 4 years, maybe longer. I made this after taking a great class with Rose Hughes. I want to add some hand stitching, and I want the stitching to be random and funky looking. I struggle with letting go and making things look more random, so it sits. I also want to add some beading to it. I’m so close to being finished! Time to let loose and get it on!


These are blocks from the ‘Curve it Up’ Sew Along with the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. I got distracted after doing two blocks. Holidays, Quiltcon, job transfer, moving, etc. I wasn’t crazy about all of the blocks, but there are others I’d still like to make. I think I’ll sew up two more blocks and make them into a wallhanging. 


I have three blocks made like this one, and one more to go. There’s still lots of applique to do for the rest of the quilt, so there’s no way I’ll get this one finished this year. However, I can get that 4th block done! I wonder if I’ve unpacked the pieces for block #4? If I can find them, I can get this block done in a day or two. As you can see, I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

I have two other completed quilt tops and a table topper that are all ready to quilt. I’m not going to worry about those this year, but may put them on my January calendar. That’ll start me off in the new year with a bang! 🙂

Is anyone else pushing to get some UFO’s finished for 2013? C’mon, there’s still time!


1 Cup of Chaos, a Teaspoon of Excitement, and a Lot Of Sugar!

Packing is in full swing at my house, thus the cup of chaos! A lot more than a cup actually, but you get the picture. The excitement is all about where we’re moving to…the Central California Coast! Never in my wildest dreams, did I think something like this would ever happen! It truly is a dream come true, and I’m finally realizing that it’s happening! Gives me that little flutter of panic to realize how much still needs to be done, but as Collin said to me last night, “You’re almost to it’s all good!” It’s the getting there that’s so hard. 

I’m so completely exhausted at this point, that I feel as if my body and mind are numb. Yesterday, I worked through my day in a fog. With Scott being home only on the weekends, the packing of the house has been left to me. It’s truly by God’s grace that I’m still standing, and my arthritis and fibromyalgia hasn’t put me under! This is my garage a few days ago. There are a lot more boxes packed and stacked now! 


I have today and tomorrow to finish up, then we start loading on Saturday morning. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to drive over to the new house and unload on Sunday. Now I just need a big ol’ shot of energy with a side of focus! Anyone have any to share?

In the midst of the chaos and excitement, came the big helping of sugar! The sugar would be my BMQG friends. They hosted a little get together at Tahoe Joe’s for me last night. I was expecting nothing more than a drink or two, dinner, and a fun evening of visiting. I got goodies, too! Shamus approved, of course!


Terry couldn’t make it, but she sent along the gift of the lovely Longaburger basket and liner. I’m gonna fill it with fat quarters! Holley called to let me know that she had a meeting she had to attend, but invited me to get to the restaurant a little early for a drink and a hug. She gave me the gardening gloves and clippers. Since Scott lost my clippers, I was tickled to get a new pair! Meg also came a little early, and she brought her little girl, Samantha. I’d not yet met her, so I was very glad Meg brought her. She’s such a little sweety! Meg made me the sweet hexie mug rug. I’ll think of her every time I use it, and I will use it!  Marissa gave me a Kaffe Fassett charm pack. She works at Strawberry Patches, so she knows what I get all excited about! Kaffe! The rest of the guild members gifted me with the beautiful glass vase filled with Kaffe fabrics, Kaffe’s new book (forgot to get it in the shot), and a gift certificate to my favorite central coast quilt shop! 

After I got home last night, I let myself have a good cry. I started to look at your cards this morning, and started to cry again! I set them aside to read later. I’ve made some wonderful friends through this group, and I’m thankful to have been a part of helping our group grow. Our Saturday sew-ins were the best! It always allowed us to get to know each other a bit more, and to just let down and enjoy each other’s company! I’m truly going to miss you guys! Thank you so much, for not only the gifts of last night, but the many cherished gifts of friendship, kindness and encouragement that you’ve all given me. I look forward to visits from you at my new house! The door is always open!



The Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated

I used to sew for myself quite a bit. Now, though, I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts. Wanting to bump up my wardrobe a notch, I went shopping for tops. Holy cow, clothing has gotten expensive! Not only that, but I can never seem to find stylish clothing in larger sizes. I know what I want to wear, but I can never find it. After seeing the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern by Sew Liberated, I decided to pull out some of my cherished Kaffe Fassett prints and sew one up. Totally against my nature (because I’m not very patient), I sewed up a muslin piece first. I cut the pattern according to the size I wear in manufactured clothing, but the bodice was quite a bit too small. I have no idea  how to modify patterns. Usually, I’d toss it and forget the whole idea. However, I really wanted to see this through. I needed more room in the sleeve and bodice, so I came  up with an idea of how to salvage what I’d already sewn. I opened up the seam that goes from the tip of the sleeve, down to the bottom of the bodice. I inserted a fabric strip that would provide the additional room that I needed. I did this to both sides, and it gave me just the right amount of room I needed in the bodice. The skirt part of the tunic, calls for two box pleats in the front, and one in the back. Removing the box pleat in the back, gave me the needed leeway to match the bodice up with the bottom of the tunic. When I tried on the finished garment, I was pretty disappointed in the fit. Getting enough room in the upper body and arms, meant that the rest of the tunic would fit me like a gunny sack! That is typical of garments in plus sizes! The easiest way I could think of to add a little “fit” to the garment, was to add a strip of elastic across the back. I literally just sewed a strip of stretched out elastic across the back, at the seam that joined the bodice and the skirt. It was the perfect solution!  All it needs now, is to be hemmed. I’ll get Scott to help pin it for me when he gets home. I’m also going to opt for a shorter sleeve. 

I used three different Kaffe Fassett fabrics. When making the final garment, I intentionally inserted the sleeve strip (rather than just cutting the sleeve bigger), using the skirt fabric. I wanted the slight contrast of the two fabrics. I’m very happy with the end result, and I will be making more tunics! Oh, and I ordered a book about altering patterns for real people. Yah, in my case that means zaftig women! LOL!


Back of the tunic. You can see where I inserted the elastic, so that it gave the garment a more tailored fit.Image

Tunic front. I’m going to shorten the sleeves and the length of the tunic. For cooler months, this would look great left long and worn with tights or leggings!Image

Strip inserted on the bottom of the sleeve and side of the bodice. I intentionally did this, so as to add another artistic element to the construction of the garment.