A Little Moving Excitement!

When it came time to unload the packed moving truck, we had the help of Collin, Toni, and Brady. Collin just turned 23, Toni is 22, and Brady is about 28, I think. Kids. According to Collin and Toni, the story went like this:

Someone carried down a rather large box and sat it on the ground. For whatever reason, someone else gave the box a little shove with their foot, at which time the box began to make an odd noise….a vibrating noise! As told by Toni, Collin turned a million shades of red, and the three of them all looked at each other with startled embarrassment. Collin informed Scott that something in the box was vibrating and that they weren’t touching it. Scott just moved the box into the garage and kept unloading. Curiosity got the best of Toni, and she decided that she was going to solve the question of what it was, regardless of how embarrassing it might be! Leave it to the girl! This, my friends, is what she found….

ImageIt’s Scott’s cordless trimmer! tsk tsk tsk. Sure made me laugh!



8 responses

  1. tsk tsk! Thank goodness someone felt the need to answer the question!
    Thanks for ‘liking’ my earrings. I too wear VERY little jewelry, but earrings are the one thing that I really like to wear. Love the focus on fur faces – where would be without their joy?!

  2. Cute story Lynn :o) I found your blog while researching identity theft via magazine subscription. My harasser (ex-husband’s mistress) has signed me up for over $550 worth of magazine subscriptions in the last 2 weeks. Your post from October 2011 gave me hope that there may be some sort of legal retribution. I’m sure you are very busy, but I am hoping from one victim (hoping to be a victor) to another, or one cat lover to another, you could find some time to send me a private email. I won’t take too much of your time. I could really use the advice/direction of someone who has actually experienced the annoyance I am dealing with. Thanks.

    • Hi, Brooke. So sorry you are having these issues. If you haven’t already, contact the magazines directly, and tell them that this is a case of fraud. They were able to send me copies of the original subscription cards. They were all the pull-out types that you get in magazines. I had a match to the handwriting, so was able to know who it was. I also contacted the U.S. Postal Service, and they can open an investigation once you have the information. Legal counsel advised me on the charges we could pursue. Since it stopped, I let it go. However, I still have everything, just in case I ever need it.

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