Creatively Busy

Since I have some free time on my hands these days, I’m working on a few things of my own. I used to do a lot of projects using old windows. About 13 years ago, a glass guy I know asked if I wanted a bunch of windows. A bunch, like 40! I took them, and I did make and sell a few things I created with them. I’ve done a lot of purging since then, but I keep hanging on to these darn windows! I’ve had a project in mind for quite a while, so now I’m putting that project into motion. It has something to do with what’s on my machine today. The fabrics are a mix of Hometown and Reunion by Sweetwater . 


I also have a bit of Madrona Road by Violet Craft fun happening on my design wall! The Moda Bella solids really worked well with the prints!


All of the tumbler blocks were cut using the Go! Studio Fabric Cutter. Sure made quick time of getting a gazillion blocks cut! I’m not sure what or who I’m making the quilt for, but I have a couple of ideas!


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