The Naked Baby Angel On My Christmas Tree


Every Christmas, I put this little naked baby angel on my Christmas tree. My friend, Nicci, came by and noticed her. She immediately asked me what was up with the naked baby on my tree. I shared the story of this special angel with her, and she suggested I blog about it.

On Christmas of 1971, I was just shy of my 12th birthday. My mom had put this naked baby angel in my stocking that year. I was a kid that loved the little things in life, and for some reason, I loved this little angel. I hung her on a nail just above my bed, and I thought of her as my guardian angel. 

On the night of January 6, 1972, I went to bed with a terrible feeling of foreboding. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I knew in my spirit, that something bad was going to happen that night. I specifically remember praying that God would keep my family safe, and that this special guardian angel would look over my family. During the night, our house caught fire. It started in my brother’s room, and the heat of the flames on his bed woke him up. I remember my mom shaking my sister and I awake, and telling us to get out of the house, that it was on fire. She led us out the front door, then went back into the house to grab our coats. It was the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, and all we had on were our little nylon night gowns. All my mother was thinking, was that she needed to keep us warm. My brother joined us, and we saw our dad moving the car out of the driveway and away from the house. Our mom, however, was nowhere in sight. My brother told us to stay put, and he went back into our burning house to find our mother. He found her in our bedroom, where she’d gone to retrieve our coats. They were trapped, and could not get out of the bedroom, except through a pair of french doors that were in our room. The problem was that there was a huge wooden outdoor toy box that sat against the outside of the door. There was also a porch, that was without steps. My dad was working on that. My mom was recovering from knee surgery, and had just quit using her crutches the day before. She and my brother managed to push the french doors open enough for her to get outside. A note about my mom…she was only 5’2″ and about 140 lbs. Not very big, but the determination of a giant! She hopped down off of that porch, and literally yanked that large, full of toys toy box, off of the porch and sent it rolling into the yard! They say that adrenaline will cause a fight or flight response. It wasn’t in my mother to flee when one of her kids was in danger. My dad had just joined my sister and I, and I know what we were all thinking. Just as he was ready to go back into the house, which was now fully engulfed in flames, we saw my mom and brother coming around the side of the house. From the time my brother called the fire department (when the flames were still just in his room), to the time that the fire trucks arrived, was just 5 minutes. All of this happened just that quick. You don’t know how long 5 minutes is, until you are waiting for someone to come out of a burning house!

After a couple of days, we were allowed to go into what was left of our house to see if anything was salvageable. There wasn’t much left of the structure. We walked into mine and my sister’s bedroom, and there on the wall, hung my little naked baby angel. The wall all around her was burned, but she was still there. Not burned, not melted, waiting to be retrieved. I believe to this day, that God spared my little angel so that my faith in Him would be strengthened. Every year that I put her on my tree, I smile at my memories of my mother. Her love, her will, and her strength, both physical and spiritual. I’m also reminded that God saved my family that night, and I am blessed to still be here. 

There have been other times in my life when I have “that feeling” about something. I have learned to listen to it, to trust it, and know that I’m not just imagining things. You may think I’m a little bit nuts, but that’s okay. I’m just me. 


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  1. Wow, what a beautiful story, Mrs. Lynnie! I’m so glad you posted a picture of the little angel, and told her back-story. As we say in the South, bless her cotton-pickin’ little heart!

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