Even Seasoned Quilters Need Practice

I first started longarm machine quilting 8 years ago. I think it’s pretty normal for a quilter to develop a particular style, and people will start to recognize a specific quilter’s work when they see it. My thing tends to be garden/leafy/swirly thingies. Anything with curls, leaves, flowers, critters, etc. A couple of weeks ago, a friend gifted me with the book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters . (thanks, Nic!) I’ve been studying her quilting ideas and finding that my excitement for quilting has been coming back. Today, I loaded a practice quilt sandwich, which I very rarely do. I’ve been going through the book and practicing the designs, then adding a little something of my own. I’m really enjoying learning some new ways of quilting! I have to remember that all of us need new ideas and a little practice time now and then! I highly recommend this book for anyone needing a little boost for new


quilting ideas!


21 responses

  1. Funny thing Lynn, I have been long arming just as long. I re entry discovered Angela’s Craftsy class and book and I’m so much more inspired too!

  2. I absolutely agree, Lynn…I find myself getting in a rut and just need a little inspiration to branch out now and then…I have been hearing a lot about this book. It is going on my list.

  3. Beautiful quilting! I have taken both of Angela’s classes on Crafty and have both of her books! She has unleashed a lot of creativity in me:) Having SO much fun!

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