A Special Gift

Carie is a very dear friend of mine. We live in different states, but we talk and/or text almost every day. We’ve shared many ups and downs, tears and laughter, stupid stunts and sudden thoughts of genius (so we think)!  We’ve had many conversations about both of us wanting to get back into watercolor painting. I’m a dreamer. I can talk all day about the variety of creative things I want to do. Carie is a do-er. She doesn’t just talk about something, she gets busy! Last week, I received a hand-painted card in the mail from her. I hope she knows just how special a friend she is, and how much I cherish her friendship in my life.

I apologize if you find the red a bit distracting, but I wanted to show it on the wall where it hangs. It actually looks quite stunning against the red, and I can see it while I’m working in my quilting room. Thank you, Carie! I LOVE IT!



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