Begin Again

Today marks a new beginning for me in the world of blogging, and I’m excited about it! Just over a year ago, the Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild held its first meeting. The room was full of quilters, excited about getting in on something new. Since then, we have weathered some changes, lost a few members, gained a few members, and I’m still jazzed about meeting with them every month! It is the most encouraging, warm, fun, creative group that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I served as Program Coordinator last year, and I’m now the current President, as well as still handling programs. Never, in a million years, would I have seen myself in this position! It has helped me to overcome my extreme stage fright, and it makes me push myself to grow as a person, a friend, a leader, and an artist. This brings me to the reason for the start of this new blog.

Anyone that knows me in life, on Facebook, Flickr, etc., knows that I have a hot mess of a creamsicle cat named Shamus. I adopted him at the same time our MQG was formed. You may think these two things have no connection, but I beg to differ. After quilting for 11 years, longarm quilting for 7, doing the quilt show circuit as a vendor for 3, I was totally fried. Burned out. Toast. You get the picture. I needed and prayed for joy to come back to my life. That was my goal. Be joyful. Enter the BMQG and all of the wonderful energy generated within this group. Next, enter a silly little kitty who needed a home, and an adoptive mother who needed some peace, laughter, and joy. It’s like putting all of the best ingredients into a batch of cookies!  The anticipation as you add each ingredient; the smell of each item; the smoothness of the batter; the addition of all the textural ingredients that will give it that over-the-top yumminess; the patient waiting for them to be done, while your home is filled with a fragrance that brings comfort to your soul. It’s in the knowing that when something is made with the very best ingredients, the anticipation of the finished product almost sends you over the giddy edge! Finally, that first warm, luscious bite, complimented with a glass of ice-cold milk, and you have an awesome combination! As you savor each and every bite, your soul smiles just a little bit more. This is what it was like to be part of a new modern quilting group and finding my creamsicle cat, Shamus.

My first blog was mostly about my longarm quilting. This blog is going to focus more on my adventures of exploring modern quilting and other artistic interests. There are so many things about modern quilting that push my boundaries! The color combinations which seem horrible until you see them in a finished quilt. The improvisational piecing, because my brain just can’t quite let go of the need for order (a little OCD). The simplicity of the finished quilts. Most of the time, less is truly more. I’m pushing myself, and I’m also being a little more selfish with my time, making sure that my creative soul gets to play. I will also share Shamus silliness from time to time. I’ve learned an awful lot from my silly kitty, and he makes me laugh every single day! I want to share that laughter with others.

If you would like to check out theBakersfield Modern Quilt Guild, we are on Facebook, Flickr, and we have a blog which details all that is happening within our group and the local quilting community. Make yourself a cuppa, and join in on the fun! The door is always open!


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